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Tachibana Grandfather
Tachibana grandfather.png
Japanese 立華 ???
Rōmaji Tachibana ???
Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Status Deceased
Relatives, etc. Maria Tachibana (daughter)
Marta Tachibana (daughter; deceased)
Ritsuka Tachibana (granddaughter)
Lindo Tachibana (grandson)
Eye Brown
Hair Gray
Occupation Researcher
Anime debut Episode 4 (mentioned)
Episode 6
Japanese voice Kanehira Yamamoto

"Tachibana Grandfather" is an unnamed character of Dance With Devils. He was the father of Maria Tachibana and Marta Tachibana, and the grandfather of Lindo Tachibana and Ritsuka Tachibana. He died before the beginning of the series.


He had gray hair along with a gray beard. He wore glasses, a white shirt, a black and gray sleeveless pullover with lozenges and black pants.


So far, he is shown to have been a kind, serious and caring man, who desired to protect his family. This is shown in episode 9. He was aware that his grandson, Lindo, was a dhampir, but he helped him try to overcome succumbing to the darkness by locking him in a dark cave as practice. He assured him that he will definitely succeed, though his methods for helping his grandson were questionable at best. He also knew about Ritsuka being the Forbidden Grimoire, but he never revealed it to the vampires nor devils, in order to prevent them from ruling over the world, and protect his family.


He was a researcher who specialized in devils and vampires. According to Nesta, he also focused most of his attention on his daughter, Maria, causing his other daughter, Marta to resent her sister. His research caught the attention of Maksis, the Devil King who drew close to Maria, resulting Ritsuka's birth, and Nesta, the Vampire King who drew close to Marta, resulting Lindo's birth.

According to Lindo, his research resulted in his death when the Devils and Vampires tortured and placed a curse on him in order to gain the information on the "Forbidden Grimoire", which failed as he never revealed anything.