Samba of Jet and Crimson
Japanese 第十一幕 漆黒と紅蓮のサンバ
Rōmaji Dai jū ichi-maku shikkoku to guren no sanba
Episode 11 (List of Episodes)
Directed By Ai Yoshimura
Written By Rejet
Studio Brains Base

DIVE II Entertainment

Samba of Jet and Crimson is the eleventh episode of Dance with Devils anime. The episode aired on December 16th, 2015.

Synopsis Edit

Jek takes Ritsuka to Lord Nesta's castle where she meets Lord Nesta who reveals to her more about her family's past. She is then taken away to be prepared for the sacrifice. Meanwhile, at Shikō Academy, Rem, Urie, Mage and Shiki are wondering where Ritsuka is until they are confronted by Lindo and Roen. Roen reveals to the devils and Lindo that Ristuka has been taken to Lord Nesta's castle and he manages to encourage Rem to admit his feelings for her...

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