Pitiful Lullaby is the insert song of episode 6 in Dance With Devils sung by Shiki Natsumezaka.

Sympathetic like a bunny rabbit tossed about by providence

Those melancholic eyes, so pitiful

I can take you far away from that

Keep nice and safe

Go to sleep in my arms and I will never let you go

Don't worry I won't do anything

Just sleep nestled up to you

It won't be pain that you be feeling

And while your eyes are closed without making a sound

We'll mix and melt together

What a lovely lullaby, such a crazy lullaby

An ecstatic lullaby to see us thrill

Can't you see that I am you and you are clearly

So it's only natural you might feel a sting

What a lovely lullaby such a crazy lullaby

Eternal lullaby now we must go

Oh how alluring is the fruit that I gladly drive my love into

It will be over soon in a blink

of an eye

Dance with Devils- 11. Pitiful Lullaby -Shiki's Song, Ep

Dance with Devils- 11. Pitiful Lullaby -Shiki's Song, Ep. 6- ENGLISH DUB

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