Pas de Deux of Fantasy and Innocence
Japanese 第七幕 幻想と純真のパ・ド・ドゥ
Rōmaji Dai Nana-maku Gensō to Junshin no Pa do Du
Episode 7 (List of Episodes)
Directed By Ai Yoshimura
Written By Rejet
Studio Brains Base

DIVE II Entertainment

Pas de Deux of Fantasy and Innocence is the seventh episode of Dance with Devils anime. The episode aired on November 18th, 2015.

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Rem gets rebuked by his father for failing to obtain the "Forbidden Grimoire". While this is happening, Shiki takes the opportunity to slip out to search for Ritsuka with Urie and Mage following behind him. Meanwhile, Ritsuka finds Rem's pet pomeranian, Roen wandering around the city and follows him to a park where he transforms into the mysterious person she saw in the 'Third Library'...

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