Marius screenshot
Japanese マリウス
Rōmaji Mariusu
Personal Information
Gender Male
Height 167cm
Weight 50kg
Status Alive
Eye Yellow
Hair White
Occupation Storyteller
Anime debut Dance with Devils -Fortuna-
Japanese voice Toyonaga Toshiyuki

Marius is one of the protagonists of Dance with Devils -Fortuna-. He is a mysterious character who watches Ritsuka’s story unfold from a far. He appears as a masked clown who narrates the story through singing.


Marius full costume

Marius' costume.

Marius full

Marius' full appearance.


Marius' costume looks like a clown or "joker". His costume consists of a white and black mask; black, gray and white clothes, black gloves, a long dark colored cape that reaches his knees, along with black boots.

Normal Appearance

Marius is a young looking man with white hair and golden eyes. He wears a light colored robe, a long cape and shackles on the wrists and ankles.


He is temperamentally and his mood is easy to change. He can be really friendly but sometimes he's unfeeling. Marius also has good self-control. Besides he is very manipulative.


Marius is a childhood friend of Roen. They know each other very well.

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  • He is secretly in love with his best friend Roen. (Otome Game)

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