Marta TachibanaEdit

Maria is shown to have loved her sister very much, taking it upon herself to raise her son, Lindo, as her own when she died. If she bore any ill will towards her sister for betraying their family, she let those feelings die with Marta.

Ritsuka TachibanaEdit

Maria loves Ritsuka very much, giving her a magic pendant to protect her from devils. She is shown to regret her being born half-devil, seeing as her own fault for her relationship with Maksis. In episode 10 she begs Ritsuka for forgiveness, because she was born with such "heavy shackles" because of Maria.

Lindo TachibanaEdit

Maria is Lindo's aunt, but she raised and loved him as a son.

Lord MaksisEdit

At some point, Maria had a relationship with the demon king, which resulted in the birth of her half-devil, half-human daughter, Ritsuka. Maria was shown to regret her relationship with Maksis, claiming that her daughter was bound with such heavy shackles as a result; the superhuman power of a royal devil and the powerful magic of the grimoire combined inside a human body. In game Maria was sad when Roen tell her Maksis has seal and she didn't want to believe that after what happen her family because her past with Maksis she still loves Maksis

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