Maria Tachibana
Maria Profile
Japanese 立華 マリア
Rōmaji Tachibana Maria
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 37
Height 164cm
Status Alive
Relatives, etc. Tachibana Grandfather (unnamed father; deceased)
Marta Tachibana (sister; deceased)
Ritsuka Tachibana (daughter)
Lindo Tachibana (nephew)
Lord Maksis (lover)
Eye Light Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation Translator
Anime debut Episode 1
Japanese voice Yamamura Hibiku

Maria Tachibana is a supporting character in Dance With Devils,. She is the mother of Ritsuka Tachibana and the aunt of Lindo Tachibana



Maria's promotional image.

Img maria

Maria's promotional image in the game.

Maria is a beautiful young woman with long brown hair, tied up into a side-tail using two white hairbands (in the second PV of the anime, her hair was worn down in one of Ritsuka's childhood flashbacks) and light brown eyes.

She wears a purple shirt with a pale pink sweater worn over it and a knee-length pale blue skirt.


Maria is a kind and caring mother who worries a lot about her daughter. Before being abducted by Jek and the other vampires, she motioned Ritsuka to leave instead of coming in the house to save her, indicating that she is a selfless and brave. According to Jek, the reason that Maksis took an interest in her was because she was smart, beautiful, and wise.

Maria holds a deep well of regret in her heart for being the wife of the demon king Lord Maksis, and giving Ritsuka a life full of horror and hardship, despite this, she hid all the truth from Ritsuka in order to protect her. She desperately pleads for Ritsuka's forgiveness in episode 10 for allowing her to be born the way she was, saying that she now wore "such heavy shackles" because of it. From this, it is confirmed that Maria blames herself for everything that has happened to her daughter and the rest of her family. In the aftermath, Maria recovers from her injuries and is able to lead a normal life with Ritsuka and Lindo.

According to Nesta, she was like the sun, giving warmth and life, beloved by all.


After her lover Lord Maksis was sealed away by Glax Arlond and her sister Marta Tachibana died, Maria was left to raise Ritsuka and Lindo by herself.


  • In episode six, she is shown with fang marks on her neck, indicating she might have been turned into a vampire. In Episode 10, this proved false by Jek said that one or two bites aren't enough to change her.
    • It is shown the the fang marks on her neck formed a Roman Number (XIX), which might or might not be a reference to the tarot card The Sun, given what Nesta said about her.
  • In Episode 10, it is revealed that her lover was the demon king Lord Maksis, which was unknown before.
  • Maria and young Lindo share the same voice actor, Hibiku Yamamura.
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