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Lord Maksis.png
Japanese マキシス
Rōmaji Makishisu
Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Devil
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Status Alive (sealed)
Relatives, etc. Maria Tachibana (lover)
Ritsuka Tachibana (daughter)
Lindo Tachibana (nephew)
Tachibana Grandfather (father in-law)
Marta Tachibana (sister in-law)
Eye Unknown
Hair Unknown
Occupation Devil King
Anime debut N/A
Japanese voice Jouji Nakata

Maksis (マキシス Makishisu) is a mentioned character of Dance With Devils. He is the master of Roen who is weakened and in need of the Forbidden Grimoire to regain his lost power, the lover of Maria Tachibana and the father of Ritsuka Tachibana.


Maksis' smile

Not much known about how Lord Maksis actually looks like since he hasn't make an official appearance throughout the anime, but it is possible that he can fully appear later on if a second season is eventually confirmed.


Unlike Nesta, Maksis cared about his lover, Maria Tachibana, who was a human. He also cared about his daughter, Ritsuka Tachibana, and even asked Roen, his loyal servant, to take care of her, which Roen misunderstood as he thought he had to take the Grimoire.


Long ago, Maksis saved Roen as this one was about to get killed by stronger demons. At some point, he had a relationship with Maria Tachibana which resulted in the birth of his half-devil, half-human daughter, Ritsuka Tachibana. He was shown to trust Roen as he asked him to take care of what he was leaving behind on Earth (Ritsuka). He was later sealed by Glax Arlond, Rem Kaginuki's father.


  • Maksis was defeated by Glax Arlond (Rem Kaginuki's father), although it is unknown how.
  • In Episode 6, the mysterious man that Ritsuka Tachibana saw in the painting is possibly Maksis in his human form.
  • In Episode 7, Roen compliments Ritsuka's stubborn and courageous attitude, saying that she really is her father's daughter. At that time, Ritsuka did not know that Lord Maksis was her father until Episode 10.
  • According to Jek, Professor Tachibana's research caught Maksis' attention, prompting him to take on a human form with intentions of tricking the professor into revealing the secrets of the Forbidden Grimoire. However, he fell in love with the professor's daughter, Maria Tachibana, whom he considered both beautiful and wise. He eventually married her, and from their union, Ritsuka was born along with the grimoire. Her birth made Maksis overjoyed as he could use her to rule the devil realm, heaven and earth.
  • It looks like there are other ways for Maksis to restore his fallen power, based on the last scene in Episode 12.
  • Due to that last scene and because Maksis is known to be a secondary antagonist through Roen's actions, a season two is possible, and even hinted as the story is implied unfinished. (Possible does not mean that there will be a second season for sure. It's 50/50).
  • In the game, it is later revealed that Maksis actually did care for both Maria and Ritsuka.