• "Where is the Grimoire? Yes, the Forbidden Grimoire. Nobody has ever seen it. Whoever holds it controls the whole world and more."
  • "I'm counting on you, Jek."
    to Jek
  • "Ah, him? His life is entirely in the palm of my hand."
    to Jek, about Lindo
  • "Welcome, daughter of the devil king."
    to Ritsuka
  • "Look at me, daughter of the devil king."
    to Ritsuka
  • "I see the resemblance. Marta, your aunt. Your brother's mother. Your mother Maria is like the sun. Giving warmth to everything, beloved by everyone. Conversely, Marta was the moon. Though fond of the sister who got all their father's affection, she resented her as well. Despairing herself, she froze to a dark gray. Two sisters, resembling each other, yet not... Strangely enough, you, her niece, look like both Marta and Maria. Perhaps it's in the blood."
    to Ritsuka
  • "Does he look like me? Half your brother's blood is mine. Marta and I had a child. Your brother is my son. Does he thirst for blood as well? After all, he is a mish-mash dhampir. And half is still half."
    to Ritsuka, about Lindo
  • "Unaware of the ecstasy in the taste of blood? I'm starting to doubt he's really my child. Marta, now she was shameless. So eager, so willing to be seduced."
    to Ritsuka
  • "Love? What I wanted was the Forbidden Grimoire. I drew closer to Marta to learn more about it. In return, I gave Marta what she wanted: Me."
    to Ritsuka
  • "That's the demon king's daughter for you. That right there is enough for me to believe that the power of the Grimoire sleeps within you."
    to Ritsuka
  • "When the full moon of the 615th year rises to its zenith, he who would take your blood obtains the power of the Forbidden Grimoire. In other words, tonight, as you approach your 17th birthday, I shall take the slightest bit of your blood. That's all."
    to Ritsuka
  • "Daughter of the devil king... This is your fate."
    to Ritsuka
  • "And just what do you think you can do? Kill them! Bury the devils! Avenge our ancient grudge!"
    to the devils and Lindo, then his vampires
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