Labyrinth of Depravity
Dance with Devils Musical Collection “Dance with Destinies”
Artist Rem Kaginuki, Urie Sogami, Mage Nanashiro, Shiki Natsumezaka

Labyrinth of Depravity is a song insert in episode 1 of Dance with Devils.

English Lyrics

(Rem) Why don't you give up now? You know it's checkmate. It's time for you to confess

(All) And say yes

(Urie) Come along lovely butterfly. I'll enchant you with a sweet sigh

(All) We love your sweet soul

(Mage) Be mine! I'll sweep you into my arms

(All) We want to kiss you

(Shiki) Poor little you. I'll break you as gently as one like me can

(All) Worship us

(Shiki) Everyone's hearts (Mage) Will be stolen

(Urie) To the ends of eternity (Rem) they will fall

(Shiki & Mage) Oh so charmingly

(Urie & Rem) Oh so sweetly

(All) Labyrinth of Depravity. We are the Shiko Academy Student Council of the third library. We bless those who come and bestow a seal upon them. The forbidden flower garden, Shiko Academy Student Council

(Rem) You can't run now. You're a captive of our charms

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