Lyrics (English) (Lindo) I won't let anyone have her

(Rem) She is dear to me

(Lindo) I won't let anyone touch her

(Rem) I want to be touching her

(Lindo) I don't care if it's just us two in this world

(Rem) Even if it goes against my destiny

(Lindo) Know now with every fiber of your being Just how much I love her

(Rem) A deeper pain the wounds my body bears I feel a tightening just to think of her

(speaking part)

(Lindo) Pathetic! You holding back, or are you just playing weak?

(Rem) Say what you will if you're hardly a match for the Arlond heir. Prepare yourself!

(Lindo) My little shine! You shine on me in my lonely times

(Rem) My love, a sign! You've stolen my eternity away

(Lindo) You're too dear--I so long to hold you, I'm falling apart

(Rem) It's too heartbreaking--I want you so badly, it's burning me up

(Both) It can't be stopped! I want it all

These feelings are non-negotiable

I don't want to let her go

She's my destiny