Jek Profile
Japanese ジェキ
Rōmaji Jeki
Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Status Deceased(Anime)
Alive (game/movie)
Eye Red
Hair Pink/Green
Anime debut Episode 1
Japanese voice Yuuto Suzuki

Jek (ジェキ Jeki) is a supporting character of Dance With Devils. He was a mysterious man who attacked Ritsuka Tachibana killed Azuna Kuzuha and abducted Maria Tachibana. He was searching for the Forbidden Grimoire for Lord Nesta.



Jek's promotional image.

Img jek

Jek's promotional image in the game.

Jek first appeared with long green hair with a small section of it being reddish pink tied in a loose ponytail. However, he later appeared with the colors of his hair reversed. His eyes were red.

He wore a long dark blue vest open on the area of his shoulders, a dark purple hood forming a scarf too, black jeans with two holes on the legs and black boots that reach his calves. His outfit also changes into a much neater, black and gold outfit. He consistently wore eye shadow and what's most likely lip gloss or lipstick.


Jek was a merciless vampire who would kill anyone getting in his way. He admired and respected Lord Nesta and was also his loyal servant. He disliked humans as shown when he killed the man who 'aggressed' Ritsuka while he was taking her to Nesta. He was also a liar, telling


Jek's looks later on.

Ritsuka that vampires weren't liars like devils and that they knew the meaning of family, which he said to make sure Ritsuka would believe him.




  • He was Lord Nesta's closest servant.
  • Ironically, he dies in the same way he killed Azuna: stabbed straight through the heart.
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