Glax Arlond
Mikukier Arlond
Personal Information
Gender Male
Species Devil
Status Alive
Relatives, etc. Rem Kaginuki (son)
Eye Blue
Hair White
Occupation Arlond Family Head

Devil King

Affiliation Arlond Family

Glax Arlond is the father of Rem Arlond and head of the Arlond family. He is the one who defeated and sealed Lord Maksis away.[1]

Appearance Edit

Glaxe's complete appearance is unknown. Thus far, he appears a huge, white-furred Devil with blue eyes similar to that of a wolf.[2]

Personality Edit

According to Roen, Glax is a vulgar and vile Devil.[3]

Glaxe's first priority is obtaining the Grimoire, tasking his son with its retrieval. By the day, he grows more impatient with Rem's lack of progress, and questions the influence the human world has on Rem. Towards Rem, he seems to bear no love, threatening to kill him if he betrays the Arlond family. Soon after this, Glax lashes out at Rem, grabbing him by his neck and face and proceeding to beat him violently, leaving Rem both exhausted and in severe pain[2]. With Rem as his chosen heir, Glax is extremely strict and severe, forbidding a young Rem from playing as freely as Urie Sogami did. When Rem questions why he doesn't feel jealous of Urie's freedom, Glax states that it is because the heir of the Arlond family has no need for questions.[4]

History Edit

Glax is the Devil that sealed the Devil King Maksis away, taking over his position as King. Although powerful, the Devils' powers are weakening, implying that Glaxe's urgency to get the Grimoire for himself is to restore his powers, and subsequently the Devils' power as a whole.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Given that the ram represents Rem, it's possible that Glaxe's form resembles a ram's.
  • His name is revealed in Roen's monologue from the CD Single 6, ROEN.


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