Dance with Devils
Dance with Devils (2)
Name Dance with Devils
Japanese ダンス・ウィズ・デビルス
Rōmaji Dansu wizu Debirusu
Type TV
Episode 12 (List of Episodes)
Status Ended
Published October 7th, 2015 to December 23rd, 2015
Directed By Ai Yoshimura
Written By Rejet
Studio Brains Base
DIVE II Entertainment

Dance with Devils (ダンス・ウィズ・デビルス Dansu wizu Debirusu) is a anime written by Rejet. It is directed by Ai Yoshimura. It's character design is done by Yuka Takashina and musics by Elements Garden.


"Das ich erkenne, was die Welt im Innersten zusammenhalt, schau' alle Wirkenskraft und Samen und tu nicht mehr in Worten kramen." "That I realize what keeps the world together at heart, look at all effectualness and seeds and don't rummage in words anymore."

At a street that looks nostalgic, in Shikou Village. Ritsuka Tachibana, a second year high schooler who attends Shikou Gakuen. She spends a peaceful school life with her mother Maria, but the balance will collapse one day. Is that a person or a devil? This is a story of a girl who is being loved and charmed by beautiful devils.