Dance With Devils - Blight
Dance with Devils -Blight-
Manga Information
Genre Drama, Romance, Supernatural
Writer Rika Nakase
Illustrator Natsu Samako
Publisher Square Enix
Magazine GFantasy
Original Run 18 September, 2015 – Ongoing
Chapters Ongoing
Dance with Devils -Blight-, features a separate telling of Dance with Devils' story. It keeps Ritsuka Tachibana as its protagonist, but focuses on Shiki Natsumezaka as the main male lead. The manga's illustrator is Natsu Samako, with Rika Nakase's writing its story. Square Enix originally published it, and its magazine GFantasy serialises it since September 2015.

List of ChaptersEdit

Cover # Title Release date
Dance with Devils -Blight- 01 Encounter 18 September, 2015
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