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Azuna Kuzuha
Azuna Profile.png
Japanese 葛葉アズナ
Rōmaji Kuzuha Azuna
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 16
Species Human
Height 161cm
Status Deceased
Eye Blue
Hair Blonde
Occupation Student


School Shikō Academy
Grade 2nd Year (10th)
Anime debut Episode 1
Japanese voice Risae Matsuda

Azuna Kuzuha (葛葉 アズナ Kuzuha Azuna) was one of the supporting characters of Dance With Devils. She is the best friend of Ritsuka Tachibana at school and an exorcist alongside Lindo Tachibana.


Azuna's full body.

Azuna's promotional image in the game.

Azuna is a very pretty girl with chest-length sandy-blonde hair that is done up in two low pigtails with orange ribbons, her bangs part in the middle, blue-green eyes and a beauty mark beneath her left eye.

She was mostly seen in the school's standard uniform, a uniform in the style of a sailor fuku, with which she wore black stockings. Otherwise, she was seen in purple dress during the school festival's ball.


Azuna was a caring and straightforward individual who cared deeply for Ritsuka Tachibana and rarely holds her piece when it comes to her own opinions, being fairly self-assured of herself.

Originally, Azuna confirmed she became close to Ritsuka because of her identity as the Forbidden Grimoire, but Azuna soon developed a very genuine, close friendship with Ritsuka.[1] Azuna cared deeply for Ritsuka, always trying to give her advice and watch out for her well-being, however she was far from as over-bearing as Lindo Tachibana is, and even volunteers to tell Lindo to ease up on his scrutiny of Azuna at the school's festival.[2] Azuna always did her best to encourage and protect Ritsuka, and often attempted to meet up with her, only for the latter to get pulled into something else. Azuna's care for Ritsuka ran deep, and she was willing to endanger herself to save Ritsuka from Jek, resulting in her own death.[2]

As an exorcist, Azuna was considerably forceful, and did not back down when it came to fending off the Devils from Ritsuka, nor was afraid of them. She always wore her own rosary and carried a supply of holy water with her. She was extremely blunt in her hatred against Devils, calling them 'disgusting'. She worked well with Lindo, albeit was not nearly as violent as him.


  • Azuna's surname Kuzuha means "arrowroot tea" (葛) (kuzu) and "leaf" (葉) (ha).


  • In Episode 12, it is hinted that Azuna remains loyal to Ritsuka Tachibana and still help her in the end (even after her death) via the blade that appears in front of her inside the Grimoire's world after the Grimoire's power was activated.


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